//  Kar Stanton: songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer
//  Origin:  Dundee, Scotland
//  Genres:  alt-pop, chamber pop, alt-folk, indie songwriter, folk-rock
//  Website:  karstanton.com
Short Bio

Scottish multi-instrumentalist songwriter Kar Stanton write honest songs for fragile people. Through unguarded lyrics and delicate Scottish vocals, her aim is to bring you hope and comfort amid the challenges and vulnerabilities of life. 

Kar's debut album 'Protagonist' and recent singles 'Be There', 'Freehand' and 'The Wonders and the Terrors' can be found on all digital stores and downloading platforms.

Be There

The honeymoon long gone, and the years passed by.  A couple sit in a waiting room before an appointment. 

Scottish songwriter Kar Stanton (formerly of The Scottish Enlightenment) is back. Hopeful, honest and human, this grown-up love song will brighten your day.